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Boasting one of the world's earliest civilisations, China's empire grew around its powerful dynasties. It was during the imperial rule that some of the country's greatest achievements occurred, including construction of the imitable Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the impressive legion of Terracotta Warriors. In the early 20th Century, communism gained a foothold as revolution led to abdication of China's last emperor after two millennia of sovereign rule. From the late 1920s to the end of the 1040s, the country was embroiled first in civil war and then World War II. A new party, led by Mao Zedong, gained power in 1949 and is still in power to this day. Under Mao's rule, China was closed to all but selected foreign visitors. Forty years after his death, it is one fo the most visited destinations in the world, where ancient traditions blend with the modern world, and skyscrapers rise above ancient temples. It's a plcae of profound culture and graceful beauty - from Peking Opera and traditional tea ceremonies to colourful festivals and unique cities trying to preserve ancient treasures.

Snapshot: China
Renminbi (Yuan)
Official Language
Time Zone
1.35 billion
Drives on the



12 days, 1 Country
Package: IAL
PLEASE NOTE: PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COST OF FLIGHTS WITHIN THIS ITINERARY Monograms has created packages a cut above going on your own, while leaving the group behind. Each package comes with...
9 days, 1 Country
Package: IAC
PLEASE NOTE: PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COST OF FLIGHTS WITHIN THIS ITINERARY According to a Chinese proverb, “It is better to travel ten-thousand miles than to read ten-thousand books.” At...
4 days, 1 Country
Package: IAB
Breaking News…Time Travel is Real! Or at least it is on this 4-day holiday to Beijing. Let Monograms take you on a journey through time, where you can walk along fortresses built by ancient dynasties...
How Monograms is Different

Monograms is independent travel that takes all the hassles out of planning and organising your dream holiday. We’ve done all the work to build just the right all-in-one package for you – your choice of the right hotels in the heart of the action, sightseeing, transportation around cities, a Local Host at your destination and much more. We handle all the details so you can enjoy your destination like a local.

Roam with local insight
Discover new places at your own pace. You'll have all the space and time to enjoy your adventure, with as much or as little help from your Local Host as you want, so you never have to miss a minute!
Independent travel made easy
With Monograms, we take all the hours of organising trips away from you. We handle the details so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your destination - even if it's your first time there!
Your perfect space
Whether you prefer hotels that are close to shopping and sightseeing, surrounded by natural beauty, part of the city's artistic heritage or that offer contemporary styling, our holidays put you at the heart of your destination.
Monograms holidays were created so you can tailor your holiday. YourWay takes the Monograms concept one step further by allowing you to choose the number of nights you wish to stay in select European cities.